Total amount of donations of 12/16/2013
Donation Period: Nov 22-Dec 13 15:00

I, Daisuke Sugiyama, and my colleague, Rowland Kirishima,
will deliver relief supplies and motivation to the Philippines.

Last Update: 2013.12.16 16:00


Please check our facebook twitter for latest information.


We will deliver relief supplies and motivation to the Philippines
from December 15th to December 20th, 2013.

In 2011, when I visited Cebu with my family, I had an opportunity to visit an orphanage through the good office of Ms.Takako Yamada, the representative of WAKU WORK ENGLISH. There I met children who had been sold by their families in exchange for a chicken, as well as former street children who didn’t have any dreams or hopes for the future.As a father, it was painful to see this before my very own eyes. At that time, in order to build their confidence, the only thing I could do was to boost their spirits by shouting out together: “I can do it. We can do it.”

This year I was planning to visit the same orphanage again, however, due to a huge typhoon that struck Philippines, I have decided to deliver relief supplies instead. After I posted my Philippines plans on my Facebook page, I started to receive many words of encouragement and more and more donations from people who want to help. Therefore I have asked Ms.Takako Yamada, the representative of WAKU WORK ENGLISH, to introduce me to a reliable NPO, with which I can work to deliver relief supplies.



Donation has not really taken root in Japan yet, like in Western countries. In Japan, donation is sometimes still considered to be an act of hypocrisy, but I believe that, donating is an act of goodwill. By being open about your donation, you are sending a message to your friends or acquaintances that donating to others is a good thing. People who sympathize with your action will then take action themselves, expanding the circle of support.
This is exactly what Ms.Kanae Doi, Director of Human Rights Watch Japan and a lawyer, stated in our previous company interview series, My Philosophy #10:

“Donation is the act of showing “sympathy”. Of course, the act of sympathy could be just posting “I support ○○’s activity” on twitter. It is a big support for the NGO to get messages from people that say “This is the organization I support.” Those actions by the individuals will sway public opinion and urge the Government to take action and lead to problem solving. If you sympathize with us, we want you to take action. I hope in the near future that the Japanese opinion towards donation will change, and that people will be able to step out and donate under their own name with their head held up high.”
Human Rights Watch Japan Director, Lawyer, Ms.Takako Doi

I agree with Ms.Doi and am planning to make a list of donors to post on this site with the goal of expanding the circle of support. I would like to seize this as an opportunity to change the way people think about donations in Japan.


※These are the list of supporters (payments confirmed) as of 2013.12.16 16:00

2013/11/18 Daisuke Sugiyama/ Rowland Kirishima¥300,000
We just do what we can. I can do it. You can do it. We can do it.
2013/11/18 Daiki Aizawa (Art Director, Producer of this website)¥10,000
I support the 2 leaders 100%, who started this action. I will do my best to update the activities in Philippines a.s.a.p. on this website.
2013/11/18 Naomi Kusuda (Writer of this website)¥10,000
Until now, I have donated through Red Cross to countries/areas both in and out of Japan where there were natural disasters. In my opinion, this activity to hand over the relief supplies directly to those who are in need on-site is the most reliable way and it is also good for us supporters, since we can actually see our help being delivered directly to the people in need.
2013/11/18 Ms. Teruyo Idei ¥100,000
2013/11/21 Ms. Kazuko Miyamoto (English Translator of this website)¥10,000
This is to show my “empathy”. I respect those who can take actions.I hope the support will be a relief for those who are suffering in Philippines.
2013/11/21 Mr. Sho Chizawa¥30,000
Please surround the young children in Asia with security and motherly love. I support you.
2013/11/21 Ms. Yukari Watanabe¥3,000
2013/11/25 Name withheld¥200,000
It is a wonderful thing to do, to actually go on-site and deliver the relief supplies to those who are truly in need. Please do your best to bring back motivations and hopes to the people of Philippines. I support you.
2013/11/25 Koyasan Shingon-shu on behalf
                  of FukagawaShingon Temple Members¥1,000,000
I don’t know how helpful it can be, but let us help your activity.
2013/11/25 Mr. Tetsunori Sukenobu¥300,000
It is going to be a tough operation, but please do your best. I support you.
2013/11/25 Mr. Masakazu Yanagisawa¥100,000
I thank both of you for creating a new way of donating in such a short time. Thank you very much!
2013/11/25 Mr. Yuta Oosawa¥50,000
2013/11/25 Mr. Takanaga Kawase¥3,000
2013/11/25 Mr. Haruhiro Okada¥50,000
2013/11/26 Ms. Akiko Tsumura¥100,000
What happened in Philippines this time, I consider it not as a mere natural disaster, but a man-made disruption of nature by the so-called “Developed countries”, putting too much emphasis on the economy. I can only donate some of my money, but I hope this will relieve some of those who suffer in Philippines.
2013/11/26 Mr. Haruyoshi Fujino¥50,000
Thank you for all of your troubles. Please work on behalf of me as well!
2013/11/26 Ms. Sachiko Iida¥2,000
I hope this will add up to help as many people as possible. Mr. Sugiyama and Mr. Rowland, please send our messages on behalf of us!
2013/11/27 Ms. Yukiko Toyoshima¥10,000
I am very thankful for the opportunity you have given me to donate directly to support. Best regards.
2013/11/27 Ms. Sanae Murakami¥10,000
Go for it! Superman (^_^)
2013/11/27 on behalf of all the members of Mr.Yanome
                  (Marathon Team) ¥20,000
This is the money left after receiving wedding gifts and gifts of new house by the Ichikawa Marathon Members. I hope it will be useful.
2013/11/27 Mr. Hideki Kasai¥3,000
2013/11/27 Mr. Koji Murata¥10,000
I like this!!
2013/11/27 Name withheld¥200,000
2013/11/27 Ms. Shigeko Fujiwara¥10,000
Please do your best. You both are the hopes of Japan.
2013/11/28 Mr. Yuichi Toyama¥10,000
It's good to have a website where I can donate a small amount. Good Luck!
2013/11/29 Mr. Hirokazu Shiozawa¥10,000
2013/11/29 Ms. Natsuki Mitsushima¥10,000
2013/11/29 Ms. Rina Sato¥30,000
2013/12/02 Name withheld¥20,000
Natural disasters bring about unexpected damages. I believe that the only way to encourage the local people is to support them and remember them without any political shackles. Take care. I support you.
2013/12/02 Ms. Mayo Hotta¥20,000
You two are men of actions. Take care of yourselves. Rolly, please take pictures that convey the current situation in Philippines. Please contact me any time, if you need anything. I don't have much money, but I will try my best to support you.
2013/12/02 Mr. Tomokazu Shirato¥10,000
I hope this will be of some use.
2013/12/02 Ms. Jungmi Cho¥10,000
I'm very impressed by the speed of your action! I'm behind you all the way. This is a small amount, but please let me support you.
2013/12/02 Mr. Kotaro Fukudome¥30,000
This is not much, but I hope this will be of some use.
2013/12/02 Ms. Nobuko Tsutsumi¥30,000
I am sending this message from Narita airport before going overseas. This is a small amount but, I hope you will make good use of this.
2013/12/02 Mr. Hisahiro Ichikawa¥10,000
2013/12/02 Ms. Masako Yabe¥5,000
I am sure there are many people who have lost their families and friends and have no tears left for them to cry. I hope this will help bring back smiles on their faces.
2013/12/03 Mr. Koichi Kimura¥10,000
It is a great project to deliver monetary donation and supplies directly to Philippines. Please also deliver Mr.Sugiyama's power!
2013/12/03 Mr. Masaki Kubota¥5,000
Do what I can do right now. It's my reaction to Daisuke's action. Please take care and watch out for yourself.
2013/12/04 Ms. Chihiro Ueda¥10,000
I was planning to go on a trip to Cebu with my parents during the New Year holiday. Even though the Philippines is still suffering from the aftermath of the typhoon, I thought I could support by visiting the Philippines and revitalizing its economy. However, my parents said they aren't confident of going, so I changed my plan. That is why I would like to donate some of my money to support this activity.
2013/12/04 Mr. Kazuo Tsubota¥100,000
We have received support from all over the world at the time of the Tohoku Earthquake. Right now, the situation is more tough in the Philippines. Please do your best.
2013/12/04 Mr. Masaki Kitazawa¥5,000
2013/12/07 Ms. Eriko Morimoto¥20,000
I feel, by making a united effort we can achieve much much more than what an individual can achieve. I appreciate you taking initiative ♡ Please take care of yourself !
2013/12/09 Mr. Takashi Isakari¥30,000
I empathize with Mr. Sugiyama's ability to take action as always. This is what little I can give, but let me support you.
2013/12/09 Mr. Akatsuki Fuchigami¥10,000
Daisuke! I'm behind you all the way! Don't waste it :)
2013/12/09 Mr. Kennosuke Tanaka¥37,000
I am turning 37 today. Please let me support your aspiration to help the Philippines. There is no borders in passion, and life changes by encountering new people. I hope by encountering Mr. Sugiyama and Mr. Rowland, the children of the Philippines will receive the energy and keep their hopes up.
2013/12/09 Ms. Makiko Watanabe¥10,000
I pray for the people of the Philippines. Please take care of yourselves. Best Regards.
2013/12/09 MS. Chikako Hirai¥20,000
2013/12/09 Ms. Masako Yamaguchi¥5,000
This is to remember the feeling of gratitude towards those people all over the world who supported Japan in the time of the Tohoku Earthquake. This is a small amount, but I would like to support your activity.
2013/12/09 Mr. Kazuo Gonoo¥30,000
This is what little I can give. Please make use of this for the reconstruction of the Philippines.
2013/12/10 Ms. Kayoko Oya¥5,000
2013/12/10 Mr. Beck Kuchkorov¥10,000
2013/12/10 Name withheld¥20,000
2013/12/10 Mr. Shinsuke Hino¥61,000
Through this donation, I had a chance to experience the importance of connecting with people and learnt various ways of looking at donation. Thank you very much for meeting me today, despite your crowded schedule. If there is anything I can do, I am ready to support you. I pray for the success of your activity in the Philippines and safe journey back to Japan. This donation is not only my personal one, but donations from many other people. Please deliver everyone's compassion to the people in the Philippines!
2013/12/10 Mr. Daisuke Kimura¥5,000
I have a valued friend in the Philippines, and a colleague who lost his family in Typhoon Haiyan. I would really like to support directly on-site, but unfortunately it is not an option this time. I believe donation is the least I could do to support the activity. Please do your best on behalf of us!
2013/12/11 Mr. Asao Igarashi¥30,000
Hope to be some help to see people there smiling. I am thinking of you.
2013/12/11 Mr. Kosuke Fujimura¥5,000
Just thinking about the Philippines does not convey nor solve anything. I am thankful for the two of you who are taking action. This is what little I can give, but please let me support your activity.
2013/12/11 Mr. Kiyoji Aizawa¥50,000
Thank you for all your trouble. This is a small amount but I hope you will take good care of this.
2013/12/11 Mr. Hisashi Wada¥300,000
2013/12/12 Name withheld¥1,000
2013/12/12 Mr. Ryusuke Oshimo¥20,000
2013/12/12 Ms. Yuko Oshimo¥20,000
2013/12/12 Ms. Kimiko Noguchi¥10,000
2013/12/12 Name withheld¥40,000
2013/12/12 Ms. Tomoko Saito¥5,000
2013/12/12 Ms. Sumii Imai¥5,000
2013/12/13 Mr. Tatsuki Matsuda¥5,000
This is mere chicken feed, but I hope to offer extra meals. I am very thankful for the opportunity you have given me to support.Please take care of yourselves. Best Regards.
2013/12/13 Mariefreres ¥30,000
2013/12/13 Mr. Shinya Kiryu¥10,000
I would like to respond to Daisuke-san's passion. I know exactly how much amount of supplies, what kind of support are delivered to which part of the Philippines.
2013/12/13 Mr. Kiyoshi Ooura¥10,000
As I am involveded in Natural Disaster Control, I am deeply distressed by the disaster that hit the Philippines this time. I hope this could be of some help. Please make good use of this.
2013/12/13 Mr. Mikito Tateishi¥30,000
White doves are flying in the sky, so that they can make a flight back again
2013/12/13 Salsamba¥170,000
This is on behalf of all the members of Salsamba! Thank you very much for your support!
2013/12/13 Mr. Tomohiko Mashio¥10,000
I agree with the idea of delivering the supplies directly on-site!
2013/12/13 Ms. Tamaki Sato¥5,000
I hope I'm not too late. I want to entrust the money to Rolly. Please take good care of this.
2013/12/13 Mr. Gerry Yokota¥10,000
2013/12/13 Mr. Senichiro Shimizu¥2,000
This is a small amount, but I want to support the activity.
2013/12/13 Mr. Tomohiro Nagatsuka¥30,000
To the Filipinos who have suffered Typhoon Haiyan, I pray for the early recovery of the Philippines from the bottom of my heart.
2013/12/13 Ms. Hiroko Nakada¥20,000
2013/12/13 Mr. minohara keisuke¥10,000
2013/12/13 Name withheld¥10,000
2013/12/13 Name withheld¥5,000
I entrust to Rolly !!
2013/12/16 Name withheld¥10,000
2013/12/16 Ms. Hiroko Nakada¥20,000
2013/12/16 Mr. Tatsuya Nanjyo¥10,000
I hope it's not too late!

※These are the list of supporters (payments confirmed) as of 2013.12.16 16:00


  • 12/15 SUN

    09:30 Narita Airport (Philippine Airlines)
    13:30 Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport

  • 12/16 MON

    Visit Gawad Kalinga Manila

  • 12/17 TUE

    Visit Gawad Kalinga Cebu & Orphanages

  • 12/18 WED

    Visit Hilongos, Leyte Island

  • 12/19 THU

    Visit Hilongos, Leyte Island

  • 12/20 FRI

    Cebu / Manila
    15:00 Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Philippine Airlines)
    20:10 Narita Airport



All donations will be used to purchase sets of $5 food supply packages (Rice, canned food etc…for 4-5people/2-3days) and other commodities that are necessary for the recovery. Our goal for the food supply is to deliver 200,000 sets of these packages. We will purchase the supplies and commodities as soon as we arrive in Manila on December 15th. Then we will hand over the supplies directly to those who are in need at churches in Manila and orphanages in Cebu, in cooperation with the representative of the NPO.
We will record all the activities in Philippines with the help of my partner Rowland Kirishima, who is a photographer. And will report back to you when we get back to Japan. Also, we will break down the expenditures by category and line items and make an accounting report.

Donations due: December 13th
To donate, please register through the following form.
The bank account information will be sent to you through email.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Your donations will be greatly appreciated.
Project Leaders: Daisuke Sugiyama, Rowland Kirishima

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